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The fight against erectile dysfunction

The fight against erectile dysfunction
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Many men deal with the awkward physical disability commonly known as erectile dysfunction. As a matter of fact, it may be a more common drawback for more men than you may think. According to a study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic, roughly 52 percent of men experience erectile dysfunction in their day-to-day lives, with 40 percent of men age 40 experience it and 70 percent of men age 70. So what are some ways that you can combat this … gulp… disappointing condition that affects so many men in the bedroom?   

Prevent erectile dysfunction by eating and living right

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As with many ailments, erectile dysfunction can be closely related to how much you exercise and how well you eat on a daily basis. In a nutshell — by getting the right amount of cardio during the week, you will maintain a lower blood pressure which can help you to achieve healthier erections when it matters the most.

Eating right can also contribute to lowering your blood pressure with food like dark chocolate, pistachios, and watermelon all linked to lowering cholesterol and increasing the blood flow in the right areas. Some bad news for those who like the drink a few cocktails from time to time however is that drinking to excess has historically been linked to cases of erectile dysfunction. So try to cut back if you want to see improvements down there.

The importance of a healthy diet cannot be overstated in cases of erectile dysfunction as WebMD found It is estimated that around  “35-75% of men with diabetes will experience at least some degree of erectile dysfunction during their lifetime.” On top of that, men with diabetes will develop ED 10 to 15 years before men without diabetes.  

Cut out the problem at the root

While many pills and contraptions have been touted as the end all be all cures of this worrisome condition, few have produced the same exciting restorative results as the ErectionWave treatment. Created by board certified urologist, Dr. David Shusterman, this new innovative treatment has taken a different approach to this issue than, say, swallowing a couple viagras on a nightly basis. The most exciting aspect of this treatment is that it actually works to cure the real issues behind ED and not offering a temporary solution. By directing high frequency rays towards blood vessels that have been blocked, ErectionWave treatment will increase blood through these pathways to allow for stronger and longer lasting natural erections without the assistance of pills or useless penis pumps.

Another more direct erectile dysfunction cure is known as the Priapus Shot —  or otherwise known simply as the “P-shot”. This completely pain-free shot has been known to not only increase sex drive but increase the overall penis size to 3.5 centimeters. The shot gets these results by by kickstarting a man’s own growth factors in his blood to recruit his body’s own stem cells down to the penis causing quicker regeneration of tissue and blood vessels.

If you are interested in either of these groundbreaking treatments, make your appointment with Dr. Shusterman today by calling 212-661-0060.

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