‘The fight against racism is far from over’

The Aryan Guard in Calgary claims to have disbanded, but an anti-racism group in Calgary is skeptical.

An anonymous posting on the group’s website blamed tensions reaching a “boiling point” for becoming “officially disbanded,” which anti-Racism Calgary spokesperson Bonnie Devine calls a “small victory.”

“We may have won this battle but the fight against racism is far from over. They may have disbanded but the hate and racism will continue on in other forms,” Devine believes.

Unsure of the group’s intentions, Devine believes the group may carry on individually or socially even if it’s not under the name of the Aryan Guard.

The posting yesterday follows the arrest of a 17-year-old male in relation to a bombing on the weekend reportedly between group members. Police are still seeking 24-year-old Aryan Guard member Kyle McKee in relation.

The Calgary Jewish Community and other community groups against racism are holding an anti-racism rally at the Archie Boyce Theatre across from the Saddledome’s main entrance today at 5 p.m.

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