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The Foreman Forecast: A Santa sighting


A dismal wind whips flecks of rain around Capitol Hill. The big Christmas tree sags in the dark and clammy air. Under a streetlight, a man shuffles my way in a red outfit, dragging a cloth bag. For a moment I imagine he’s homeless; then, a realization: “Santa! What are you doing here?”

“What? Whozzat? Oh, it’s you. I thought I was getting robbed.” He stops and sighs. “Just trying to drop off a few more gifts before the holidays are past.”

“Checked your list and checked it twice?” I smile in the night.

He scowls. “Don’t be a wiseass. Or maybe I need another name on my Naughty list?”

“Sorry,” I say. “So who are you delivering to?”

“Well, I’d like to say everyone but that’s not the case. The election was so nasty I’ve been dropping off enough coal to get black lung.”

“Whoa, that doesn’t sound like the Saint Nick I know! Where is the ‘ho ho ho,’ the reindeer, and the magical sleigh?”

He glowers again. “Not happening. In fact, as soon as I drop off these last items I’m headed back to my melting North Pole to see if I can salvage enough good cheer for a fresh start in the New Year. I could use that. And a drink.”

I look up at some rain-spattered windows. “I guess that makes sense. So what do you have left?”

“A few small bags of filibuster for the Democratic leadership. Couple of positive poll numbers for the outgoing president.”

“Nothing for the Republicans?”

“They got their gift in November.”

“Gosh Santa, this all seems so sad. Can’t you give me some hope?”

“Meh. I handed all of that out eight years ago. How about a candy cane?”

“No. I’m good.”

We both start to leave when I see him turn back, a faint, familiar twinkle in his eye. “You know, most people are good,” he says. “It’s just during election years they get so focused on their differences, they forget how much they have in common. Don’t let it get you down.”

“Thanks, Santa. That helps.”

“Sure you don’t want that candy cane?”

“Bring it next year. Maybe we can share it in better times.”

(CNN’s Tom Foreman is the author of “My Year of Running Dangerously” and a firm believer in magical elves)

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