The Foreman Forecast: Game of Groans – Metro US

The Foreman Forecast: Game of Groans

The Foreman Forecast: Game of Groans

For everyone who dreads the idea of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump becoming president (and there are plenty of both) this week could be as unwelcome as a dire wolf at a barbecue. Here are my three things to watch.

ON THE MARCH: The twin armies of the front runners will be storming down the east coast this week and likely collecting delegates by the score. Pennsylvania is the biggest prize. And for all the continuing talk of contested conventions, if this week goes well for Trump and Clinton they may finally be able to say with reasonable certainty that the nominations are theirs. Watch the margins – keep an eye on the delegate allocations – and polish your armor for a general election that could prove a clash of titans.

WINTER IS COMING: As far as the results, John Kasich has barely shown up in the primaries and caucuses but you know who has really been missing? The #NeverTrump folks. This loose amalgam of activists has vowed to stop Trump’s relentless drive to the nomination, but so far he’s been like a dragon going through tissue paper. Sure, they may regroup for a general election. But if they don’t produce some results this week, you can call their castle sacked.

SHADOW PLAY: Ted Cruz has not been so lucky winning delegates, but he has been steadily making sure many of his loyalists will be on the delegate list at the Republican convention. These are people who will do their duty and vote for Trump, but who will quickly switch to Cruz as soon as the rules say they can. He did it again this past weekend so you can expect more talk about his chances in the so called Shadow Convention. Because IFDonald Trump fails to clinch the nomination before the convention, and IF a floor fight follows, and IF all those double agent delegates come through – you get the picture. And IF not…um, never mind.

(CNN’s Tom Foreman is the author of My Year of Running Dangerously)