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The Foreman Forecast: Getting the shakes

The Foreman Forecast: Getting the shakes
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CALIFORNIA SCHEMIN’ – Make no mistake: Hillary Clinton is going over the edge this week. With a caucus in North Dakota, and primaries in Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota, she is virtually certain to finally have enough delegates to clinch the Democratic nomination. But the California vote could still be a problem. Bernie “Relentless” Sanders has been hounding her in the Golden State, and if he beats or even ties her on Tuesday – you can bet his fans will howl even louder about her alleged weaknesses as a candidate.

CRAWLING FROM THE WRECKCAGE – Last week was all squealing tires and twisted metal for Republican contender Donald Trump as he skidded between blistering reports about his university, his fundraising for vets, and his comments about a judge’s Mexican heritage. Of course the billionaire from New York is acting like it’s nothing, but keep an eye on the pundits and polls to see if he has been hurt. You can bet Clinton will. Her fierce attacks recently produced some of her best headlines yet, and if she sees Trump bloodied it will be like Shark Week has come early.

GETTING GLITCHY WITH IT – You know your department has aproblem when even the boss is calling someone’s action “stupid and clumsy and inappropriate,” but that’s what Secretary of State John Kerry said. His biting words appeared in the wake of reports the State Department purposelyedited out part of a press conference before posting it online, then – when caught – tried to claim it was an electronic glitch. The deleted portion was about the administration misleading the public over secret talks with Iran. Anyway, the House Oversight Committee wants State to explain who ordered the erasure by mid-week. Odds of them getting that answer? Let me put it this way – I suspect the Cavaliers have a better chance of hoisting the NBA trophy.

CNN’s Tom Foreman is the author of My Year of Running Dangerously – in paperback this week!

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