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The Foreman Forecast: Not so social

The Foreman Forecast: Not so social
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On both side of the aisle the quest for party unity remains a wildcat fight, and as if this election were not already weird enough now Facebook has stumbled into the briars. It’s not very sociable out there. Here are three things to watch this week in politics.

WHERE IS THE “DON’T LIKE” BUTTON?: Ever since Donald Trump drove all his challengers out of the GOP race, pundits have been super busy filling the politisphere with articles about how he can’t win the presidency. Pretty much across the board they are boiling it down to two words: “snowball” and “hell.” However, many of these same pundits were practically doing spit takes six months ago when anyone suggested he could win the nomination. Look who is laughing now. Of course Trump will lay into them, but watch for all those GOPers who are slowly coming to his side to also start coming to his defense.

UNFRIEND: Social network guru Mark Zuckerberg will sit down with conservative opinion makers this week to chat about how Facebook decides what goes into the “trending” news feed. Radio and TV talker Glenn Beck will be at the table among others. The meeting comes in the wake of accusations conservative articles are getting short shrift from liberal minded Facebook gatekeepers. Zuckerberg says it’s not true, but he’s promising an inquiry anyway. Expect plenty of sharing – maybe not so many likes.

IN A RELATIONSHIP: Meanwhile, you can expect Democratic critics to keep pounding Trump over his attitude toward women. Will the candidate do it herself? Maybe. But it would be a smart play for Hillary Clinton to leave it up to the proxies, since Trump has already shown a readiness to pull out former President Clinton’s past when she sounds off. Anyway, she still faces a puzzle: How does she truly pivot to Trump without appearing to dismiss Bernie Sanders – and potentially alienate all those Sanders voters she will need this fall?

(CNN’s Tom Foreman is the author of My Year of Running Dangerously – soon in paperback! The book. Not him.)

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