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The Foreman Forecast: Soap operas

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Name calling, secret meetings, accusations – the unhinged soap opera we call Campaign 2016 is getting wilder. So pack the kids off to school and climb into the Stratolounger, here are my three things to watch this week in politics.

RYAN’S HOPE? –Some big Republicans are already endorsing Donald Trump, but Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has put metal in the science oven by withholding his support for his party’s presumptive nominee. And the sparks will be sizzling all over Capitol Hill as Congress comes back into session this week. Thursday, Ryan and Trump are expected to meet to see if they can agree on some things. If so, watch for a strained but cordial show of unity; if not, keep an eye on how GOP lawmakers pick sides…with the political fate of both men potentially at stake.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS– So why won’t Bernie Sanders tell his army of eager, idealistic young supporters to give up already and throw their support to Hillary Clinton? Maybe because the senator from Vermont won Indiana and has a good shot at winning a couple more states this month too. He can’t beat her math at this point. Clinton has a virtually unbeatable edge for the nomination. But with every win he presses his argument that he may be a stronger candidate for the Democrats. Just as importantly, he applies pressure for Camp Clinton to adopt more of his positions or maybe take his measurements for a veep suit. Stay tuned…

THE EDGE OF NIGHT– Some frustrated Democrats wanted anyone but Hillary Clinton with her huge negative ratings and political baggage. Some desperate Republicans wanted anyone but Trump with his huge ego and – well, pretty much everything. Now some on both sides and in the middle are hoping for a miraculous third party candidate to emerge from the darkness. Watch for a more names to be floated fast but then abandon hope, because the only three that will stick around are Shoulda, Woulda and Coulda.

(CNN’s Tom Foreman is author of My Year of Running Dangerously)

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