The Foreman Forecast: The fallout zone – Metro US

The Foreman Forecast: The fallout zone

The Foreman Forecast: The fallout zone
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Here are my three things to watch this week in politics:

BURNING FUSE – Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would love for her weekend questioning by the FBI to be like Carly Fiorina’s campaign – easily and quickly forgotten. But that’s not likely with Republicans sizzling over every development in the investigation of her private email server. Sources suggest an indictment probably won’t come, but the fed probe is a constant reminder of the doubts most voters have about her honesty. And the kerfuffle over husband Bill’s impromptu meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch didn’t help, no matter how much everyone involved says it was just a social call. Watch for a barrage of questions, comments and concerns about the matter from her foes this week – and just as many defensive responses from her friends.

TRUMP TALKERS – The Republican Party still seems to be teetering on the brink of chaos over the pending nomination of Donald Trump but he says plans for the upcoming convention are coming along nicely. Trump insists the list of speakers will be revealed midweek. However, he appears less eager to talk about the continuing rumble from Dump Trumpers – those who desperately hope they can yet replace him at the big dance. Odds of them pulling it off? Pretty thin. But they keep pushing. Meanwhile, Clinton is heading to Atlantic City to slam the billionaire developer’s business record.. including some of his losing bets on the gambling business.

VEEPSTAKES –In every election cycle political pundits get in a twist over which running mates the candidates will choose, and that’s about to kick into high gear. You can expect all the traditional talk about who might help each candidate clinch the swing states, but don’t worry – it really makes very little difference. They’ll pick whom they pick, make a lot of fancy speeches about it… and then voters will vote as they would have anyway.