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The Foreman Forecast: Time to touch gloves

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IT’S A LEFT, IT’S A RIGHT – Already Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have called the other unfit to be president. Each has accused the other of hiding things. And each has alienated millions of voters. I’m feeling better about the government already. Maybe not. Anyway, I think it’s going to get a lot nastier and fast. Camp Clinton clearly believes their best line of attack is to focus on his weaknesses with female voters and his utter lack of governmental experience. Team Trump’s strategy can be summed up in the two words he keeps slapping on her: Crooked Hillary. Stay tuned…

THAT BERNING SENSATION – Meanwhile, if Clinton looks like she’s staring at a Rubik’s cube that’s because she is. The relentless campaign of Bernie Sanders, the raucous behavior of his followers and their accusations that the Democratic Party is cheating to help her win are all giving her fits. And it is not clear what she can do about it. She wants him out of way so she can focus on Trump, but every time she even hints at that, Sanders’fans howl. Still, watch for her to take another stab at winning them – maybe even a little praise for the senator from Vermont – because time is running short, and you know what they say about a divided house…

VEEPSTAKES – And of course, the D.C. crowd is now turning to its second favorite guessing game: figuring out who will be on the undercard. This week you can expect that discussion to pick up steam with chatter about running mates who might deliver swing states, voting blocks, evangelicals, minority groups and independents. Listen, have fun, and ignore it. No one really knows anything yet and honestly, running mates rarely make much difference.

CNN’s Tom Foreman is the author of “My Year of Running Dangerously”

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