The Foreman Forecast: Trouble in Trumptown – Metro US

The Foreman Forecast: Trouble in Trumptown

The Foreman Forecast: Trouble in Trumptown
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You have to give this to President Donald Trump:He is wasting no time launching his big plans for change. But what’s that they say about “equal and opposite reactions?” Yeah, that’s happening too.

Here are my three things to watch this week in politics.

Hitting the wall—As President Trump steamed through his first two weeks in office signing papers, making phone calls, and blurting outpronouncements,you could feel congressional Republicans getting twitchy. Now with his approval numbers already dipping, the first potentially serious resistance is rising. Amid loud protests from some quarters and quiet warnings from others, some GOPers are preparing to resist his plan for a border wall. Not for philosophical reasons, but for practical ones: They don’t want taxpayers to pay for it, and they’re not convinced Mexico will. Stay tuned.

Facts machine—Glass houses. Stones. You know how this works. For weeks Team Trump has relentlessly lectured, ridiculed, and scorned the media for what the administration considers inaccurate reporting; then late last week one of their own let fly with a statement of fact which proved to be —um, you know, not a fact at all. Advisor Kellyanne Conway later admitted she was mistaken when she referred to a non-existent act of terrorism called the Bowling Green Massacre. What to watch: Will the boss call her out for a public lashing as he has others? After all facts are facts, even when they are alternatives, aren’t they?

Getting schooled—President Trump’s choice for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, will be sweating out her final grade this week when the Senate votes to confirm her…or not. Republican support has grown shaky amid ethics questions and a lackluster Q&A betweenDeVosand lawmakers. As of this writing, the decision could come down to a single vote. She’ll be working the phones right up until the final moment of this big pass/fail test, knowing if she doesn’t make it President Trump will take a hit too.

This week’s Trumpitude: 68 percent and falling.

CNN’s Tom Foreman is the author of My Year of Running Dangerously