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The Game author offers dating advice

In 2005, author and self-described “average frustrated chump” Neil Strauss wrote an autobiographical account about becoming a master pick-up artist by using the tips from an underground group of men who considered themselves experts. That account, called The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists, was a huge bestseller. Here, the nerd-turned-stud gives his tips to make sure next year’s Valentine’s Day isn’t a lonely one.

Q. Is Valentine’s Day a good day to pick up women?

A. It’s a perfect time. The sense of aloneness is heightened by the marketing blitz [laughs]. And if you do meet someone around this time, you can go on an “Un-Valentine’s Day Date” — essentially, it’s like a Valentine’s Day date but not really since it seems like you’re rebelling.

Q. So what can shy guys do to help their chances of scoring a date for next year’s Valentine’s Day?

A. A lot of people just say, “be confident,” but you can’t be confident on command. The more pressure you get, the more scared shy guys become. But Marilyn Manson once told me, “If you act like a rock star, people will believe you are a rock star.” Act as if you’re secure, as though you are worthy of other people’s time.

Q. What’s your advice on sending flowers or candy to a crush for Valentine’s Day?

A. The rule about flowers and candy is this: You aren’t allowed to give those to a girl until you’re sure she’s attracted to you. If she isn’t, it’s the creepiest thing in the world. But if she is, it’s the most romantic thing in the world.

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