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The Ghost Walks is Boston’s hippest new cocktail lounge and restaurant

Ghost Walks Boston
Get the scoop on The Ghost Walks. Left, Right Photos Provided; Center Photo by Matt Juul

There truly isn’t anything like The Ghost Walks in Boston’s theater district.

Set to officially open on April 25, the hip new cocktail lounge and restaurant is the brainchild of the team behind hotspots like Committee and Bijou, and is even located in the space beneath the nightclub on Stuart Street. While general manager Peter Szigeti hopes to draw in the theater crowds — the venue’s name is an homage to the ghost of Hamlet’s father — he doesn’t want guests to think of The Ghost Walks as your typical addition to the area’s food and drink scene.

“We don’t want to be called a restaurant, we also don’t want to be called a bar,” Szigeti says. “We kind of want to be that experience that just hovers in between.”

He adds, “I think Boston desperately needs something that’s not labeled.”

The Ghost Walks Champagne Vending Machine Boston

In order to accomplish this goal, the team has come up with an innovative concept that offers fresh takes on all the classics, especially when it comes to the drink program. Szigeti has created a fun and funky cocktail menu with a theatrical spin, featuring items like the Paparazzi, a tequila-style drink that comes in a camera lens shaped glass, as well as the Box Office, a sweet bourbon cocktail that’s served inside a popcorn sleeve and topped with fresh popcorn. 

The Ghost Walks also has “hot off the press” cocktails, an array of highball drinks that are created using a bit of heavy machinery. A three-ton arbor press is used to widen a soda can so that a chilled nip bottle can be poured into it. The idea is to eliminate the need for ice so that the cocktails don’t become watered down.

“Normally the last sip of the drink would be like water,” Szigeti says. “In this case, the first sip is like soda and the last sip will finish strong, so you get more for your buck.”

Another highlight from the drink program is the champagne vending machine, the first of its kind on the east coast, according to Szigeti. Guests can sip on individual, six-ounce bottles of bubbly by purchasing tokens for the machine at the bar.

As far as bites go, chef Aaron Lhamon has put together a limited but tasty menu that Szigeti describes as “brilliantly designed comfort food that people love.”

Small plates include dishes like a himachi carpaccio, made with kaffir emulsion, sweet red pepper, cured yolk and lemon confit, as well as Lhamon’s spin on his grandmother’s Boston baked beans, which are made with chickpeas instead of beans. Larger plate offerings range from gnocchi to duck l’orange.

“The menu is influenced heavily on a whimsical thought, so fun things that we want to play with,” Lhamon says. “I just have fun with it. The whole menu is a play on enjoying ourselves.”

Guests who’re in the know can order from the secret “ghost” menu, too. Although items may vary from time to time, Lhamon’s mouth-watering, signature burger will likely be a staple. Fans can also expect a variety of cocktail and dessert offerings, plus dishes like the lobster cigar, which Szigeti calls “a lobster roll like I haven’t seen before.”

“The ghost menu is something that nobody will ever see or read, but it’s always going to be available,” Szigeti says. “You got to know about it, you got to ask.”

If you go:

Opens April 25, 57 Stuart St., Boston, tgwboston.com

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