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The Grumble: Push button sinks, lousy hand dryers, and other Grumbles about public restrooms

Grumble: Public Restrooms

Technological innovation is one of the biggest benchmarks in the evolution of our species as this hunk of rock we inhabit floats through space. The inventions have made our lives easier by eliminating problems that have caused us pain and misery in our everyday lives. But when I am walking back from the restroom with water splatter all over my clothes from the splashback velocity created from those push button faucets when I wash my hands I can’t help but think to myself: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Haven’t we come so far in our existence as human beings to know when a good invention should simply remain the standard in our public restrooms? I will forever hold the push button faucets in the same space in my heart as I do any of the Sandlot sequels. Why improve on a good thing?

The Grumble: Public Restrooms 

This goes the same with hand dryers taking the place of paper towels. But before we start a conversation about carbon footprint, let me clarify … this is only a small gripe that pertains to some small aspects. For hand dryers to really have our seal of approval, they need to do the job better than the towels can and for the most part — this is rarely the case. These dryers generally spit out lukewarm yawns of air that make your hands feel like you are Ferris Bueller faking a fever with clammy palms. It’s just barely convincing.  

This is something that not only I, but our readers have had Grumbles with lately… 



The Toilets are either too sensitive and flush when you do not want them to or they do not flush at all. The sinks give you NO CONTROL over the temperature of the water — When you want hot you get cold and vice versa! And then there are NO PAPER TOWELS! I am looking at you STARBUCKS!) You are expected to use those LOUD Blower things which I personally despise!

By Kevin, Metro US reader 

But as one of our other readers has pointed out, maybe we have just become too comfortable in the restroom … 

People who are talking on the phone in the bathroom 

And I don’t mean their bathroom. Are you that important that you can’t take a leak without being on the phone? And how about others in the bathroom – can we pee in peace, without hearing your ridiculous phone conversation.

Joan, Metro NY reader

Listen, if we all want cool Dyson hand dryers in our bathrooms, maybe we shouldn't take what could be a calm a meditative experience in public restrooms for granted. We can do better

public restrooms

Public restrooms don't have to be a nightmare. Photo: Tomwsulcer/Wikimedia (CC0 1.0)

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