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The hardest part of Taylor Swift’s life

The hardest part of Taylor Swift’s life
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Taylor Swift doesn’t want your pity, OK? “Sometimes I really don’t think it’s that hard at all,” she says of life on tour during a BBC radio interview. “When I was starting out I’d go on tour for three months and I was gone for three months. Now almost 10 years in, thank God we get to play bigger shows so I don’t have to play as many. If we’re playing stadiums, I’ll do two or three a week, not five shows a week, then I get to fly home in between. It’s not that bad.” Sure, but there must be something about her current world tour that’s bringing her down, right? “I do have to leave the cats behind when I leave the country, which is the hardest part.” You listening, Johnny Depp? We all have to make sacrifices.

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But you know what Swift is totally into and not at all fazed by? Pushing herself to the limit and giving 110 percent. Like, totally. “That’s the best part of this, when you walk off stage and you’re drenched in sweat and you’re tired and your legs hurt,” she says. “It feels like you’re really working for the job. It’s nice to feel tired after a show. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I’m finally doing something.” You know? I mean, you know?

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And what does she do with all that exhaustion? “Friends” reruns, natch. Because she’s worth it. “I really like the feeling of, ‘You know what? I’ve been busy. I deserve this watching two hours of TV at the end of the night,'” she says. “I like ‘Friends’ because I’ve seen every episode, so it’s like switching my brain off. I know exactly what they’re about to say.”

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