Why it’s the right move

It made all the sense in the world, from a basketball point of view, to leave Cleveland. Antawn Jamison, Mo Williams and Anderson Varejao weren’t going to help LeBron James win multiple rings. Going to Miami, however, makes him a better threat to eventually catch Kobe Bryant in titles and NBA stature — and catch Tiger Woods in off-the-court riches.

James now has D-Wade and Chris Bosh as his running mates, instantly making Pat Riley’s crew a title contender. Leaving almost $30 million on the table will hurt in the long term but pay off down the line.

Why it’s the wrong one

Let’s face it, after all the hype of the last two years — nearly all of it by his own doing — there was no way LeBron James was coming out of this thing a winner.

Once considered loyal to a fault, James will forever shoulder the burden as the man who killed Cleveland sports and quite possibly its local economy. And if you want to talk about going to the best place to win, well, that was in Chicago, not Miami. Since when is Chris Bosh a bigger star than Carlos Boozer?

We can now forget about putting LeBron anywhere near Michael, Magic or Kobe. Those greats didn’t piggyback another superstar to win a title. They were men. They won it on their own.