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The home stretch in my quest to get healthy

Time is running out before the wedding -- Can I reach my 30 pound goal?  Credit: Amanda Art/Metro Time is running out before the wedding — can I reach my 30 pound goal?
Credit: Amanda Art/Metro

T-minus one month until our wedding. The invitations are out, the reply cards are coming back, and we’re down to the fun stuff: sampling cakes, choosing the food for the reception and finalizing the music.

The last few months have flown by, and I know May 3 will be here before I know it.

I’ve come a long way since the beginning of the year. As I’ve said before, it hasn’t been easy; some parts of the getting healthy process have been really hard, and some things actually are more difficult now than they were a few weeks ago — namely finding enough time to devote to my goal.

But there have also been victories, both big and small. Getting below 200 pounds felt huge, and kept me motivated. Now, I’ve just crossed the 20-pound mark — I keep thinking to myself, “Twenty pounds! That’s great!” I’d like to get to 30 by the start of May, but if I don’t, I’ve already accomplished so much that I didn’t think I could.

Other wins: My clothes don’t fit. When I started, I was wearing size 18 or 20 pants. Now, they literally fall off. I went shopping last week and was pleasantly surprised that the skirt I bought wasn’t XXL, or even extra large — it was a large. That hasn’t happened in a decade.

I also feel so much healthier. Working out and eating right have become part of my daily life. I still crave sweets, but am able to avoid them. On days I go to the gym, I feel better than the ones I don’t. Who knew that the Queen of Laziness would feel this way?

Once the wedding is over, I won’t be done; I have a lot more weight I’d like to lose. Another 30 pounds? Or 25? Is it realistic? We’ll see.

My father, stepmother and two of my brothers haven’t seen me since last summer. I’m pretty sure they’ll notice a difference.

Progress Report

Starting Stats (as of Jan. 29)
Weight: 209.5 pounds
Body Mass Index (BMI): 36
Chest: 48 inches
Waist: 41 inches
Hips: 48.5 inches

Current Stats (as of April 1)
Weight: 189 (20.5 lost — hooray!)
BMI: 32.4 (3.6 points)
Chest: 42.9 inches (more than five inches)
Waist: 37.9 inches (more than three inches)
Hips: 42.9 inches (more than five-and-a-half inches)

Amanda Art is Metro’s social media manager. Over the next few months, track her weight loss progress as she readies for her May 3 wedding. Follow Amanda on Twitter at @NYNewsgirl.

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