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The hottest days of the summer yet

If you have a smartphone, it’s likely buzzing with heat advisory warnings. Sunday and Monday mark the hottest days yet of the season, with temperatures in the mid-90s in the city.

Jay Engle, a, meteorologist from the National Weather Service, said these days can be rough because people have not acclimated to the heat yet.

“Basically what people want to do is drink plenty of water, wear lightweight clothes, and avoid strenuous activity in the middle of the day,” said Engle.

He also advised people to check on family members, warning that the elderly, those with chronic health problems and infants are the most at risk.

Monday temperatures remain high, but relief may be in sight.

“If the humidity can drop tomorrow, maybe it maybe it won’t feel as bad,” said Engle.

The city operates cooling centers during this abominably hot weather in public spaces where you can go to seek shelter in the air conditioning. To find one near you, call 311 or text 311-692. You can also go online, to the NYC Office of Emergency Management, and search near your address.

Throughout the week, expect more sun and temps in the 80s, until we reach a high of just 79 degrees with partly cloudy skies next Sunday. The rain returns next Monday.

To cool down on Sunday, many celebrated the holiday of National Ice Cream Day. On Twitter, #NationalIceCreamDay trended with over 64,000 mentions.

But at Carvel Ice Cream down in the Financial District, the store was almost empty.

“it’s very slow. It’s dead. I don’t think we’ll get many people,” said Max, an employee who declined to give his last name.

Max hadn’t heard of National Ice Cream Day and the store offered no indication of any sales or promotions, despite the wealth of online promotion for the day.

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