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The increasingly uncertain future of ‘The X-Files’

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After its 2016 comeback, the “X-Files” reboot continues to gain followers. But according to producer and director Chris Carter and actor David Duchovny, while there are plenty of surprises in store, the future of the series is still uncertain. Especially with Gillian Anderson confirming that this season of “X-Files” is her last.

“Celebrating 25 years, makes me look back when I first met Gillian,” Duchovny remembers. “It was during the casting, I was looking for some matches and she took them out and approached me, just like that, without saying a word.”

The effect stayed. Building the world of “X-Files,” with Duchovny’s Mulder and Anderson’s Scully at the center, has been a delight for Duchovny — even if he hasn’t always understood it.

“The ‘chemistry’ thing, has always puzzled me, it’s a word that I do not consider the best definition of why our characters still work,” Duchovny says.

“Without the other, they fall as people,” he continues. “As entities, as researchers. It is very romantic and, nonetheless, non-sexual, although there is a lot of tension. I think it’s very romantic, when you have a man and a woman who treat each other as equals. And not only as equals, but as necessary components of each other.”

That still rings true for this eleventh season, which airs Wednesdays on Fox. And despite being 25-years-old, the series and its characters still offer a world of possibilities.

“We have told exciting, scary, funny and interesting stories in the first six episodes of last season,” Carter says. “And now there will be ten, so I hope we exceed the expectations of our followers.

“It’s funny, the show has always adhered to a reality that I would call a political reality, a social reality and a scientific reality,” Carter continues. “It has been interesting that these realities have changed so much from its beginning, in 1993, to the present, to the ever-changing world,” Carter said.

The future may be uncertain, then, but for now, there’s a whole, new season of “X-Files” to enjoy.