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The juiciest gossip stories and celebrity news of the week

celebrity news of the week

Celebrity and entertainment news is always juicy. Even if you don’t keep up with tabloids or regularly check gossip websites everyone loves their daily dose of the tea. Metro has the scoop on the biggest scandals, shockers, shades and all around crazy tidbits that has the celebrity world in a tizzy. Here is the top celebrity news of the week.

Gossip round-up: The top celebrity news of the week

Black Panther makes history at the SAG Awards

The Marvel movie was honored with one of the most coveted awards of the night- Best Ensemble Cast (the SAG Awards 2019’s version of Best Picture). “Black Panther” made history by the first superhero picture and the biggest box-office earner to ever win the guild’s top prize. Chadwick Boseman made a memorable speech after winning, “We know what’s it like to be the tail and not the head. We know what it’s like to be beneath and not above. I just have to say, it’s a pleasure to be celebrated by you and loved by you. I know you can’t have a Black Panther now without a 2 on it.”The historic win definitely counts as top celebrity news of the week. 

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper surprise fans with a duet

A Star is Born co-stars Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga surprised fans by performing a live show in Las Vegas. Everyone who was there to see the Poker Face singer got an extra surprise when Cooper sauntered out and together, the pair performed Shallow. Shallow received a 2019 Oscar nomination for best original song, and Lady Gaga and Cooper are also nominated for best actress and best actor. Many fans are speculating that the pair may be reuniting for an upcoming film titled Cleopatra, and many others have been vocal about hoping the two get married… although they aren’t exactly dating and are both in other relationships. 

Kendall Jenner’s company is subpoenaed for the Fyre Festival case

After Netflix and Hulu’s Fyre Festival documentaries were released many started wondering whether legal action would be taken regarding all the “influencers” posting and promoting misleading videos about the botched festival. It seems that they are going to receive some legal heat. A federal judge ruled that Kendall Jenner Inc., IMG Models and DNA Model Management are required to comply with all legal subpoenas related to the Fyre Festival case. A source close to the model told In Touch “Kendall’s gotten into hot water yet again, but this one might hit her where it hurts most — her bank account.A Manhattan federal bankruptcy judge has ruled that Kendall and the other models who promoted the now infamous Fyre Festival can be subpoenaed. The bankruptcy trustee has questions, and Kendall may get dragged into court to provide some answers.”

celebrity news of the week

Rent live premieres on TV… but isn’t fully live 

Fox promoted the popular musical as Rent Live, the only problem was when the musical did premiere, it wasn’t exactly live. Brennin Hunt, who was cast in the role of Roger suffered an accident and broke his foot the night before the show was set to run. Fox decided to improvise and instead air a dress rehearsal in the place of the live-action show. Although the common saying is “the show must go on”, airing the dress rehearsal (while the cast was performing live at the same time for a studio audience in LA) proved to be unsuccessful and the not-so-live broadcast of Rent drew the lowest ratings ever for a live TV musical.

Ben Affleck reveals he will not return for the new Batman film

Affleck has played the caped crusader in Batman v. Superman, Justice League and the upcoming film Justice League 2. Now, the 46-year-old actor is passing the cape down to a new Bruce Wayne for the 2021 film The Batman. No one has been confirmed to be stepping into the role of Bruce Wayne for the new film directed by Matt Reeves yet, but there are plenty of rumors surrounding who it could be. Reeves opened up to THR about the new film, “It’s very much a point of view-driven, noir Batman tale. It’s told very squarely on his shoulders, and I hope it’s going to be a story that will be thrilling but also emotional. It’s more Batman in his detective mode than we’ve seen in the films. The comics have a history of that.”The revelation that there will be a new Bruce Waye definitely counts as top celebrity news of the week. 

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