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The juiciest gossip stories and celebrity news of the week

celebrity news of the week

Celebrity and entertainment news is always juicy. Even if you don’t keep up with tabloids or regularly check gossip websites, everyone loves their daily dose of the tea. Metro has the scoop on the biggest scandals, shockers, shades and all around crazy tidbits that has the celebrity world in a tizzy. Here is the top celebrity news of the week. 

Gossip round-up: The top celebrity news of the week

Chris Brown is arrested

Chris Brown is no stranger to controversy. The 29-year-old has been in and out of cuffs for years and his latest arrest is a doozy. A 24-year-old model accused the singer of sexually assaulting her for over 30 minutes at his hotel in Paris. The model who is using the pseudonym Karima said she was forcefully convinced to go back to the singer’s hotel where there were a dozen people, had her cell phone taken and also said that one of Brown’s friends and his bodyguard raped her shortly after she was assaulted by Brown. Brown vehemently denied the claims, tweeted that the accusation was ludacris and is even suing Karima for defamation. 

Charlize Theron and Brad Pitt, Hollywood’s new hottest couple? 

Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron are rumored to be dating after being spotted looking mighty cozy at an event together. A source even claimed that the relationship has been blossoming for a few weeks after the pair ironically met through Theron’s ex Sean Penn. Pitt is still going through his divorce proceedings with Angelina Jolie and Theron has not been in a public relationship since 2015. Neither Theron or Pitt have confirmed or denied the relationship but the source did say that the pair “were ridiculously touchy-feely” and “both looked really happy.” The stunning couple (if it’s true) definitely counts as top celebrity news of the week. 

Arianna Grande is accused of cultural appropriation with her 7 Rings song 

Grande has been killing the music game with her smash hit Thank U, Next topping the charts. But the songstresses’ latest release 7 Rings seems to be stirring up negative chatter instead. Grande is accused of appropriating Asian culture by using Asian lettering with no obvious ties to herself or the song. Grande also sings a lyric referencing her hair saying she “just bought it” which then drove fans to claim the singer was also appropriating African American culture and weaves. Grande’s song was also accused of stealing the sounds of similar songs from Princess Nokia, Soulja Boy and 2Chainz. Grande later apologized on social media and claimed it was “never my intention to offend anybody.”

celebrity news of the week

Bryan Singer denies accusations of sexual abuse

Bryan Singer, credited director of Bohemian Rhapsody has denied the accusation of sexual abuse- again. Four men between the ages of 13 to 18 have accused Singer of sexual assault and forced sexual contact without consent. Singer has continuously denied the claims (these accusations have been made public before) but that did not stop him from losing his job. Even though Singer is credited as the director of the critically acclaimed and Golden Globe-winning movie Bohemian Rhapsody, he was actually fired from the movie after production was halted “due to the unexpected unavailability of Bryan Singer.” Singer’s denial definitely fits in as top celebrity news of the week. 

Oscar Nominations are announced 

The 2019 Oscar Nominations were announced this week with some surprising nominations and snubs occurring. Black Panther made history by being one of the first Superhero films to be nominated for the coveted Best Picture spot. One notable snub was Bradley Cooper being left out of the Best Director category. A Star is Born is nominated for Best Film but historically there have only been two films that have won Best Picture without their director simultaneously being nominated as well. 

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