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The junk food fueling the flab


This might well be the worst offender of them all. For thousands of women, this is their go-to treat. The issue is that experts have shown that if eaten regularly, chocolate becomes incredibly addictive. The downside is that binging on chocolate raises blood sugar levels, making us hungry in less time.

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Ice cream
The summer sweet treat rears its fattening loveliness just when we’re trying to get our beach bodies looking their best. The problem is that ice cream is a very unsatisfying and very high calorie food. Try to consume with some restraint or pick healthier options, like reduced calorie or homemade ice cream.

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It is true that within the fast food category, pizza is a healthier choice because it contains mostly natural ingredients, like vegetables. And it is true that artisanal pizza can be very healthy, thanks to its thin crust and fresh ingredients. However, for those of you who can’t say no to a caloric takeaway should perhaps get used to a fuller figure.

Sugary drinks
All those fizzy drinks are a big no no. Almost all packaged juices and drinks are full of sugar. It’s incredibly difficult to burn off all that sugar, so it can end being converted into – you guessed it – fat.

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