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The latest Instagram account cat lovers should follow

Disneyland Cats
Disneyland, home of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and their many strays.
Disneyland Cats

Apparently, cats are roaming wild all over Disneyland. Instagram account Disneylandcatscaptures the felines who live all over the sprawling Anaheim property. These strays don’t look like the homely cats you might find at the dumpster in your town; they look almost as if they’re meant to star in a Disney movie themselves.

The website connected to the Instagram account estimates that between 100 and 200 cats live at Disneyland.Unfortunately as of right now you can’t adopt the adorable cats you see in your feed, but you can learn more about each one on the website, which features cat profiles listing the cat’s breed, favorite ride and an interesting fact.

With the popularity the account is gaining, the cats just might become just as sought after to site as Goofy and Mickey Mouse.

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