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The life of a lookalike

While the official royal couple launch boats and visit hospitals, their spitting-images have been busier than ever with parties and photo shoots. We spoke to Andy Walker, Prince William look-alike, about his life of having a famous face.

When did you discover that you looked like Prince William?

I have had people say it throughout my life but I never really thought anything of it. I certainly didn’t think I could make a career out of it.

How busy are you at the moment?

I work a three-four day week. Ninety-five per cent is media work, a lot of photo shoots, TV and that sort of thing. I was in a full time job as a security manager. Since the engagement the demand became so high that I had to give up my job.

Do people stop you and think you are Prince William?
Not that much. Well first of all, I’ve got a lot more hair (laughs). He is losing it really quickly at the moment. I think I look like a younger version of him.

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