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The Live Feed: Celtics blast Nets

7:30: The nightly Greg Stiemsma slurp-fest begins right out of the gate as Comcast reels out a highlight package which features all 12 of The Great White Hope’s blocks this season.

7:34: Mike and Tommy confirm that Kris Humphries is out of tonight’s game. Was really looking forward to Heinsohn breaking down Episode 8 of “Kourtney and Kim Take New York.”

7:41: Comcast sideline reporter Kyle Draper more or less tabs Keyon Dooling and Rondo the “backcourt of the future.” Dee Brown and Brian Shaw agree. And … we’re underway.

7:45: Jermaine O’Neal with a solid finish around the rim. Like what I’ve seen so far this season from No. 7 on the offensive end. Defensively, it’s a different story but he’s “active” if nothing else.

7:53: Jordan Farmar checks into the game. I’ve been saying this since his Lakers days but he just looks like the type of dude that would carry around a mistletoe in his pocket in mid-July, make out with your girlfriend for 40 seconds and then blame it on society.

7:57: Pierce with a great outlet pass to Rondo on the break. He’s had a few of those already this season. Good sign.

8:04: Stiemsma is attempting to start up the whole “goaltend the opposing team’s shots after the whistle” routine patented by Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins during the 2007-08 season. Doesn’t quite have the same effect, but we appreciate the intimidation effort.

8:15: Pardon me if I shudder at these Joe Kennedy “Lean on Me” commercials. He just rambles on and on about people not having heat in this relatively mild winter. Nice enough. But then, just at the last second, he acts as though CITGO and “the people of Venezuela” invented charity. I smell a backdoor deal … and I like Joe Kennedy.

8:16: Can’t imagine Humphries and Deron Williams, each dressed in $7,000 suits, will be hitting up Sully’s Tap after the game.

8:18: Rondo just wowed the crowd with his ball-handling. He’s good for one of those “woah!” moments a game.

8:23: Now that Comcast owns NBC, is it possible for them to implement the old “NBA on NBC” theme music on their regional broadcasts? This has to have been discussed at some point. In fact it should have been a cornerstone of the original deal.

8:26: Mike and Tommy have found their “local kid makes good” angle for the night. Its name is Marshon Brooks. In other news, this is a brutal first half of basketball. 31-29 with 2:45 left in the second quarter.

8:33: Tommy touts the play of Nets slug and former Celtic Shelden Williams. Old habits die hard. 35-34 … AT THE HALF!!!

8:52: Textbook Rondo possession. Blows by defender, gets to rim, draws foul, somehow spins ball off glass up and into the bucket – AND 1 … misses the foul shot. 40-38 C’s with 9:05 left in the third.

9:08: Pierce drills a three and has looked like himself, for the most part, tonight. Mercifully, it looks as though the Celts are pulling away with the score 55-44 with 4:12 left in the third.

9:13: Avery Bradley with a corner three. Maybe this will get him going offensively because he’s been a monster on the ball defensively.

9:16: Brandon Bass with a double-double off the bench. Another great sign, but proceed with caution. It’s the Nets.

9:27: Celts extend their lead to 20 as Tommy shouts that the Humphries-Kardashian 72 day marriage was “memorable!”

9:35: Bass goes right to the rim and emphatically slams it home as Tommy preps to compare his dunking skills to Dominique Wilkins circa 1988.

9:38: Thankfully, that’s all she wrote as the Celtics hold their 20 point lead with five minutes left. And we have our first “Gino” sighting of 2012. It’s still the only thing that brings a smile to Garnett’s face.

9:48: 89-70 your final and the Celts are now 4-3 on the season. Pierce the player of the game with 24 points on 8-of-14 shooting.

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