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The Live Feed: Mavs vs. Celtics

A Live Feed in Real Time as the Celtics take on the Mavericks:

8:11: Late tip as two of the oldest teams in the league get together. Using the Comcast SportsNet feed over the ESPN — gotta get our Tommy fix while we still can!

8:12: Didn’t take long, but Delonte West with a nice touch on a J in the lane.

8:16: C’s look putrid early on offensively. Not a good sign after a four-day break. Celts are 1-8 from the floor yet only down two.

8:25: Jermaine O’Neal misses a bunny. C’s down 12-4.

8:40: 23-15 Mavs and Mr. Kardashian checks in.

8:43: Pietrus hits first shot as a Celtic, and it’s a 3-pointer. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll provide an offensive spark for this stale bunch.

8:55: Celtics offense stagnant but Rondo hits a baseline fallaway, sans Dream Shake. What the?

9:26: Dirk with only seven first half points with Mavs up by one at the break.

9:34: Rick Carlisle just explodes off the bench and it takes all of .3 seconds for him to get tossed. Apparently something about Dirk getting held. How many fans in the first four rows behind the basket do you think know Carlisle once played for the C’s? … If you guessed 0, you win.

9:41: Pierce gets a great feed from Rondo under the bucket and gets absolutely no lift. He follows it up with an ugly free throw attempt that he short-arms. He has three points on the night so far as Dallas leads by three.

9:45: Heyyy. Greg Dickerson back on the sidelines. Hopefully he’s not being slowly phased out like Coach Willie Maye.

9:50: Jermaine O’Neal’s idea of defense on Brendan Haywood – let him dribble around in a circle at will. Tug HARD on jersey at last possible second before a shot … Haywood to the line.

9:52: For .3 seconds, I thought Chris Wilcox was Rasheed Wallace when he checked into the game. It’s getting late.

9:53: You have to wonder how Lamar Odom’s handling the breaking news that his wife may NOT be a Kardashian. Get out now Lamar. Now there’s absolutely no reason to be with her. Khloe without the Kardashian is nothing more than the slightly overweight Hooters girl you don’t want to serve you.

9:59: Tim Hasselbeck, I mean, Brian Cardinal checks in as Xavier McDaniel, I mean, Mickael Pietrus covers him.

10:03: Pietrus with a steal and dunk. Already a fan favorite and bringing good energy to a team that desperately needs it. We go to the fourth.

10:11: Brandon Bass jumper pulls Celts to within four. Keyon Dooling with a clutch three in the corner. If the C’s had a bench like this in 2010, the Big 3 would have two rings right now.

10:16: Rodrigue Beaubois with a pretty steal in the open floor. Phantom call on Dooling at the other end as Beaubois goes up for the layup. Doc gets T’d up. It’s about that time for the officials to take over. 74-68 Dallas with 8:40 left. Should be interesting down the stretch.

10:19: Ray with a big corner 3. Good insight by Dickerson on Rondo telling Ray about “the curl play we used to run.” It worked. Dallas 75-71.

10:21: Rondo with a fadeaway to match Dirk. What is going on? Dallas 77-75. Rondo with 20 points.

10:23: Rondo ties it up at 77 with a lefty layup. Fundamentals gentlemen. 5:56 to go. Good theatre between two prideful teams.

10:28: Ray Allen goes up and under and doesn’t have the lift he had even last year. Would have simply dunked it back then. Instead he blows the layup. 84-80 Dallas with 1:32 to go.

10:34: Phantom call on Ray Allen with Delonte driving to the bucket. Tommy gives it a “THIS. IS. LUDICRIOUS!

10:38: Pierce, who had one of the worst games of his NBA career up to this point, with a HUGE three to tie the game at 85.

10:42: Garnett crowds Dirk on the wing … and Dirk just blows right by him. 2007-08 KG is simply disgusted. 2011-12 KG realizes this is his last season. Dirk scores, gets fouled and makes his AND 1 free throw.

10:45: Rondo with a horrible inbound pass at Ray’s shin. Out of bounds. That’s all she wrote.

Celts unable to execute on both ends down the stretch and give their critics more reason to think that they are unable to beat good-great teams as they are currently constructed.

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