The Live Feed: Patriots-Jets in real time

The Live Feed of the Patriots overtime victory over the Jets Sunday:

4:27-First three plays to Shane Vereen of course: 10-yard catch, 14-yard run and 1-yard run.

4:29-Lloyd drops a wide open catch on 2nd down then Brady airmails him out of bounds on 3rd down. Patriots are forced to punt after a crappy first drive but hey at least New England is wearing their fantastic red throwback jerseys.

4:32-First Jets play is a 4-yard run by Shonn Greene then Mark Sanchez finds Jeremy Kerley for a 23-yard gain.

4:34-Fourth play and it’s Tebow Time – the usual QB draw up the middle goes for three yards. The Jets have really gotten the most out of him.

4:35-Kerley looks like Keyshawn Johnson as he makes a 26-yard catch on 3rd down. I’ve run out of ways to bash the Patriots’ secondary, it’s that bad.

4:36-The immortal Chaz Schillens drops a pass that’s deflected and Brandon Spikes should have picked it off.

4:37-We have a Ras-I Dowling sighting and as always, that’s not a good thing. He gets called for a hold on Dustin Keller on 3rd down, giving New York 1st and 10 from the 12.

4:38-Former Patriots great Lex Hilliard gets a 4-yard rush.

4:39-Kyle Love is down with an injury after a 4-yard run by Greene gets it to the 4.

4:41-Tebow runs for the first down and it’s first and goal from the 1. Next play, Greene gets an easy rushing touchdown. So New England’s offense did basically nothing on its first drive and New York’s hopeless offense marched down the field for a touchdown, got it? Oh and the Boston Globe’s Greg Bedard said the Pats D had 10 guys on the field during the last play. Wait, what? 7-0 Jets.

4:45-No worries, Devin McCourty takes the ensuing kickoff 104 yards for the TD. 7-7.

4:50-Jets commit a holding penalty on their kick return.

4:50-Good pressure by Chandler Jones and Jermaine Cunningham leads to a sack of Sanchez.

4:51- Three and out for the Jets, that’s more like it.

4:54-Seven yard catch for Aaron Hernandez after he spun out of the first tackle attempt.

4:55-Gronk drops a pass right in his massive hands, no excuse. Nineteen yard catch for Gronk on the next play for a 3rd down conversion, that works.

4:56-More no-huddle and Hernandez makes an 11-yard catch for another first down.

4:57-First carry of the day for Stevan Ridley goes for 4 yards.

4:58-Perfect throw to Gronkowski for a 17-yard TD, Brady’s 39th straight game with a TD pass. 14-7 Patriots.

5:01-A 41-yard kick return by Joe McKnight but it comes back five yards for a Jets hold.

5:04-Greene fumbles on a short pass but something named Conrad Reuland (New York’s third tight end) recovered it. No problem, Dowling knocks down the 3rd down pass attempt. Jets have to punt it.

5:07-3rd and 1, Ridley runs for four yards.

5:07-Brady tries a deep ball to Lloyd, he gets both hands on it but it pops out. New England still doesn’t have that vaunted deep threat.

5:09-A 13-yard catch for Gronkowski is the last play of the 1st quarter. Patriots lead 14-7 and they’re driving at midfield.

5:14-Wes Welker makes an appearance, gaining 16 yards on a screen pass. Unfortunately, it was 3rd and 20 following a penalty and two incompletions. Patriots punt it right back.

5:17-Haha we just witnessed the most “Jets play” in NFL history: a bad handoff from Sanchez to Greene slips out with Vince Wilfork bearing down on them. Sanchez has to kick it out of the end zone so the Pats get two points rather than six. That’s the Patriots’ first safety in over six years. Ty Warren had the last one. 16-7 Patriots

5:19-After a three and out, including a sack of Brady, the Patriots have to punt.

5:24-Eight-yard run by Greene gives New York a first down.

5:25-Sanchez lucks out when his lollipop throw to Kerley gets deflected up by Alfonzo Dennard but Kerley grabs it for 22 yards. Make a play.

5:27- Dustin Keller makes Dowling miss and gains a first down on an 11-yard catch.

5:28-First interception in three weeks for Sanchez, Dennard comes down with a pathetic pass that looked more like a punt.

5:32-One-handed catch by Hernandez to keep a drive alive and get the Patriots some breathing room.

5:33-Brady misfires to Gronkowski on third down, New York will get the ball back way too quickly. Haha spoke too soon, some scrub (Antonio Allen) gives the Jets a 15-yard penalty and a Patriots first down.

5:35-Patriots tried to run a flea-flicker from Ridley to Brady but he couldn’t get it off so he threw it away.

5:36-8-yard draw for Danny Woodhead.

5:37-4th and 1 at midfield but New England punts it. I don’t mind the decision since Zoltan Mesko pinned the Jets at their own 5-yard line. You know Sanchez will make another mistake.

5:40-Eight-yard run by Greene and 15-yard catch for Keller, faster than you can say “Patriots defense is the worst.”

5:41-A seven-yard catch for Greene and it hits the two-minute warning.

5:44-Nine-yard run for Hilliard. Two catches in a row for Greene. Jerod Mayo crushed him on the second one but the refs gave it a generous spot and a first down.

5:48-After a lengthy review, I was right. It’s 3rd and 1.

5:49-Greene gains three yards for a first down, Mayo is shaken up and leaving the game favoring his arm/shoulder.

5:51-The Patriots still haven’t figured out that Kerley is the only wide receiver that Sanchez looks at.

5:54-There we go, Kyle Arrington (remember him?) breaks up a third down pass intended for Kerley. Haha Nick Folk hits a 54-yard field goal – who knew he had that type of power? Jets cut it to 16-10 with two seconds left in the first half.

Halftime: Patriots 16, Jets 10. It feels like it should be way more but then you remember that New England has scored nine of its 16 points from special teams and its defense. So yeah, time for Brady and the offense to pick it up. The Jets defense isn’t nearly what it used to be.

6:16-Good news: Mayo is on the field. Bad news: the Jets are moving the ball at will on their opening drive of the second half.

6:18-The Jets had 3rd and 1 on the goal line but chose to try a slant from Sanchez to Schillens. Incomplete. Why have Tebow if you don’t use him in that situation?

Folk’s 21-yard field goal cuts it to 16-13.

6:21-McCourty takes the kickoff in the back of the end zone and runs it out to the 17, sweet. Five-yard penalty on Kyle Wilson for a hold.

6:22-Seven-yard run by Ridley, more of those please.

6:23-Six-yard catch for Welker on 3rd and 4. 700th career reception for the pride of Texas Tech.

6:24-Eight-yard run for Ridley, Julian Edelman 5-yard catch for a first down.

6:27-Good looking play, a screen to Welker with a bunch of blockers in front of him. 3rd and 8 but he gets 21 yards. That was the longest play of the day for New England.

6:28-Twelve-yard run for Ridley and the Patriots offense is slowly putting it together.

6:29-Hernandez makes a catch and breaks tackles down to the 1 but Father of the Year Antonio Cromartie ripped it out and the Jets were credited with a touchback since it went in the end zone. Bill Belichick threw the challenge flag – tough call that could go either way. His knee might have been down a millisecond before the ball popped out.

6:32-The call is reversed, Pats get it at the 1-yard line. Ridley stopped for a two-yard loss then an incomplete pass intended for Hernandez in the corner.

6:35-2nd TD catch of the game for Gronkowski after 15 plays and a seven-minute drive. That review on Hernandez’s non-fumble is the play of the game assuming New England hangs on. 23-13 Patriots.

6:40-1st and 10 from their own 20, perfect time to bring Tebow in for a four-yard draw.

6:41-Brandon Moore holds Jones, nullifying Sanchez’s scramble for a first down.

6:42-11-yard catch for Reuland (gotta be the longest of his career) but it was 3rd and 16. Jets punt it to the Patriots deep in their own territory.

6:43-16-yard run for Vereen, his role has increased with Brandon Bolden out. He’s making the most of the increased touches. Eight-yard run on the next play.

Patriots lead 23-13 after 3 quarters.

6:47-Vereen gets another first down with a 3-yard run.

6:48-That screen to Welker had no hope, Wilson was tackling him right as he caught it.

6:48-Same play, this time to Woodhead and the same result: a two-yard loss. Jets force the punt but Kerley fair catches it at the 8-yard line.

6:53-A 21-yard catch for Stephen Hill after a penalty backed the Jets up to their 4.

6:54-Brandon Spikes stuffs Greene for no gain. Seven-yard catch for Hill.

6:55-19-yard catch for Kerley on 3rd and long, he’s set a career-high (96 receiving yards). It wouldn’t be a Patriots game with some mediocre player on the opposing team setting a new mark.

6:57-Spikes looks like he knocks Greene out on a pass over the middle but when the Jets’ medical staff came out, Greene sprung up like The Undertaker circa 1996.

6:59-Eight-yard catch for Hilliard. Hill pushes off on Dennard and gets a 15-yard catch. One rookie getting the benefit of a non-call over another.

7:01-100-plus yards for Kerley as he converts on 3rd and 6 for a 7-yard gain.

7:03-Seven-yard TD catch for Keller, Sanchez fit that into a tight window. 14 plays, 92 yards, 6:58. Amazingly, New York cuts it to 23-20 with 5:44 left in regulation. For the third time this season (Ravens, Seahawks), the Patriots have a chance to salt away a win. Let’s hope this time it turns out differently.

7:08-Lloyd called for offensive pass interference on first down.

7:10-For some reason, the Pats decide to throw it on 2nd and 20 and it should have been picked off by Cromartie after Brady forced it to Gronkowski in double coverage.

7:11-Well at least they tried to a deep pass to Welker on 3rd and 16 that had no hope.

7:11-53-yard punt by Mesko but the Jets will start on their own 35. Plenty of time left (4:19).

7:14-Keller is wide open on the sideline for a 21-yard catch. 38 passing attempts for Sanchez today. Is this real life? 13-yard run for Joe McKnight.

7:15-5-yard run for McKnight but he limps off the field. Rookie Jonathan Grimes (their fourth RB) is now in for New York.

7:16-Hill drops an easy first down conversion. Wow, Jets have to settle for a 43-yard field goal by Folk. Tie game, 23-23.

7:19-Welp, I’m ready to move far, far away. McCourty fumbles the ensuing kickoff and the Jets recover at the 19. You have got to be kidding me.

7:20-Two-yard run for Tebow then the 2-minute warning.

7:24-Does anyone want to win this game? Sanchez gets sacked on 3rd down for a 10-yard loss by Dont’a Hightower. Pats burn a timeout but Folk hits a 43-yard field goal. 13 straight points for New York, New England is scoreless in the 4th quarter. At home.

7:26-McCourty doesn’t fumble this kickoff, he returns it to the 21. Pas ball with 1:32 left and 1 timeout.

7:27-15-yard catch for Gronkowski then a 12-yard catch for Gronk who refuses to go down.

7:28-20-yard catch for Woodhead.

7:28-Lloyd drops what would have been a touchdown, good coverage from Cromartie. Seven-yard catch for Woodhead and New England takes its final timeout.

7:29-Mr. Clutch Stephen Gostkowski will try a 42-yard field goal with 5 seconds left.

Haha Adam Vinatieri who? Gostkowski drills it right down the middle and we’re going to overtime for the first time this season.

7:32-After a long soliloquy by Jeff Triplette, the Patriots win the toss and elect to receive.

7:35-Nine-yard catch to Deion Branch for a first down, his first grab of the day.

7:36-13-yard catch to Welker.

7:37-Welker drops a pass that would have been close to a first down.

7:38-Pass interference on Kyle Wilson for pulling Hernandez’ arm. Easy call on the Patriots sideline.

7:39-12-yard catch for Welker. Per the new OT rules, if the Patriots score a TD here, it’s over.

7:39-Brady looks for Branch in the end zone but he didn’t turn fast enough/he wasn’t really open.

7:40-Four-yard catch for Woodhead. Incomplete to Hernandez.

7:41-Gostkowski makes a 48-yard field goal to put New England ahead 29-26. That means the Jets will get a chance to match it.

7:46-Holding on Dennard gives the Jets a first down (they were facing third down).

7:47-Ninkovich stuffs McKnight for a loss of two.

7:48-Mayo got in alone on Sanchez but whiffed, Sanchez’s throw was wobbly but connected with Kerley for 17 yards and a first down.

7:50-Jermaine Cunningham and Ninkovich sack Sanchez and he fumbles it. Ninkovich recovers and it’s game over.

Patriots win 29-26 in overtime. Nantz is completely whiffing on his end of game speech that he probably rehearsed all week long. Better luck next time Jim – and the Jets. Can’t say either team really deserved to win that but as a Pats honk, I’ll take it. See you in London next week.

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