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The long arm the law degree reaches

A degree in law does not necessarily turn your career into a prime-time crime drama.

Many who have their Juris Doctorate, or JD, don’t actually work in a courtroom or in a precinct.

Instead, they choose to follow more alternative routes while using that law school knowledge.

Check out just a few examples of where a law degree could take you.

Business owners

“A law degree tends to assist business owners in understanding corporate formation and governance, as well as identifying potential legal issues and pitfalls that may occur,” explains Melanie Dubis, partner at Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein LLP.

“Additionally, a law degree simply helps individuals think in a critical manner when solving business problems.”

Nonprofit work

Robert L. Spinks is the director of Oklahoma City University’s new Nonprofit Leadership program.

“More and more people today — particularly young people — are coming out of school with a real passion for helping people,” says Spinks.

“And they want to do it an organized, accountable way.”


“It’s the logic skills, analytical systems thinking, persuasive writing and strategic problem solving we developed and honed in law school that attracts people with JDs to journalism,” says Stephanie Schroeder, a graduate of New York Law School and a writer at Curve magazine.

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