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The man behind the magic

David Yates has directed the last four Harry Potter films, and some of the best reviewed. Metro found out how he pulled it off.

At the end of shooting The Deathly Hallows did you feel relieved or did you feel like you could do four more films?

I was really glad we’d finished, quite honestly. It’s very tough making these movies. They’re really complicated. The reason I think I lasted longer than anyone else is because I enjoyed the world very, very much. The people gave me a lot of energy — Dan, Rupert and Emma, the crew, my producers… And, I didn’t want to be the director that did the two in the middle. There was something about that that made me feel really uncomfortable.

What kind of film would you like to direct next?

With something much smaller and meaner and leaner. It would be crazy to do another blockbuster for a bit, so I’m going to make not a little tiny film but a smaller film. I’ve got some great scripts. The great thing about directing Harry Potter is the Harry Potter as a story, it’s a thriller, it’s a comedy, it’s a horror movie, it’s an action picture. So as a director, I’m getting sent comedies, action movies, thrillers — everything that you could imagine.

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