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The McWhopper: Burger King and McDonalds call a truce, combine burgers

McDonald’s and Burger King, two burger giants that have apparently been at war with one another, have decided to call a truce in honor of Peace Day.

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The truce involves the creation of the McWhopper– the Potsdam Agreement version of a hamburger.

When and where can you get this burger? The sacred city of Atlanta will host a pop-up shop on September 21st where customers will find everything from the packing to the worker’s uniforms split in half between Burger King and McDonalds.

The effort is in cooperation with the non-profit Peace One Day.

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“The thing I love about the McWhopper project is that it walks the walk. It leads by example. It demonstrates a genuine commitment to Peace Day and a more peaceful and sustainable world,” Peace One Day’s founder Jeremy Gilley says in a promotional video. “Corporate activation on this scale creates mass awareness, and awareness creates action, and action saves lives.”

We’re not sure how wise it would be, from a moral and marketing standpoint, to open this popup shop for a burger in a state that has one of the higher rates of obesity in the country.

But perhaps that will help the McWhopper sell better.

Watch the entire ad below:

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