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The men’s guide to ducking fashion faux pas

Many men get a bad rap when it comes to dressing.

But, you don’t need to be a fashion expert to look like one. Russell Smith, author of Men’s Style: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Dress, and the new novel Girl Crazy, shares the five worst fashion crimes committed by men.

1. Advertising Logos
“Generally, wearing any clothing that advertises the maker of that brand of clothing is something that one should be paid to do,” says Smith, who includes sports team logos in this category as well. “Wearing athletic clothing outside of sporting events just makes you look immature.”

2. Inappropriate Footwear
“The number one error men make is choosing the wrong shoes for their outfit,” explains Smith. Shoes should always be good quality, clean and interesting. On Smith’s banned list: Doc Martens, hiking boots worn outside of a hiking trail and Tivas. “The worst mistake I see is guys wearing cheap shoes with suits,” adds Smith.

3. Wearing Hats in Restaurants
“You should never wear a hat of any kind in a restaurant,” says Smith. “I don’t care how cool you think your toque is, or how cool you think your ball cap is, or if you’re bald.” It’s just bad manners and other people will judge you as juvenile.

4. Cheap Winter Coats
Every man needs a proper wool winter coat, says Smith. “It looks very wrong to see a man in a suit wearing a parka, particularly a parka that’s shorter than the suit jacket,” he adds. Bright, puffy, gortex coats are not appropriate with suits.

5. Knapsacks
Wearing your university knapsack with a suit to the office is a tell-tale sign of immaturity, says Smith. “You want to invest in a good over-the-shoulder briefcase-style bag,” he explains.

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