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The more vitamin D, the better

Take your vitamin D daily. We’ve all heard a lot about the amazing health benefits of vitamin D. However, there’s been a lot of new and exciting research in the last decade, and it took public health experts a while to catch up.

Now there are new Canadian guidelines on vitamin D intake. The old ones were written more than 10 years ago. Basically, more is better. Young, healthy adults should be getting between 400 and 1,000 I.U. per day.

Since it’s tough to get enough vitamin D from the sun, supplements are a good idea, says Dr. David Hanley, professor at the University of Calgary faculty of medicine and lead author of the new guidelines.

In Nature

Natural sources of vitamin D include fatty fish species such as catfish, salmon, mackerel, sardines, tuna and eel. Whole eggs and beef liver also provide vitamin D. Mushrooms are a great option for vegans. Exposure to natural sunlight or UV light also boosts vitamin D levels.

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