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The most in-demand toys this holiday season

In 1996, fights broke out over Tickle Me Elmo. In 2000, no store could keep the Razr scooter in stock. This year, there are a few different big ticket items that millions of kids are all putting on their list for Santa. Here are the top four.

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“Star Wars” The Blade Builder Jedi Master Lightsaber, $54.99

“This year, one of the biggest demands you’re going to see is all about ‘Star Wars,’” says renowned toy expert Laurie Schacht, also known as The Toy Insider. “We’re seeing the force strong!” Schacht says the toy industry is expected to see a whopping 7 percent growth this holiday season (usually there is only a 1-2 percent flux), largely thanks to “Star Wars.”

There’s a wide range of toys for the new movie “Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens,” but Schacht says one of the hottest is Blade Builder Jedi Master Lightsaber, which comes with a big lightsaber, two smaller ones and accessories so kids can build and customize their own lightsaber.

Girl Scouts Cookie Oven, $44.99

“Cooking is a huge trend this year,” Schacht says. In addition to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pizza Oven coming out early next month, the Girl Scouts Cookie Oven is already on many little bakers’ Christmas list. “It’s a real working oven and all of the recipes are for Girl Scouts-inspired cookies. And each oven comes with thin mints,” says Schacht.

Hello Barbie, $75

Hello Barbie doesn’t hit the market until November 20, but it already has kids, er, talking. “When you hold Barbie’s belt buckle, she listens to you when you talk to her and responds appropriately,” Schacht says. “She remembers things you like, don’t like, if you’ve had a good or bad day, and then she’ll ask you about it later. … She is the beginning of what you are going to see with toys that talk back.”

Glitek S Glide Hoverboard, $599

Hoverboards are all the rage this year and if the pricetag for this one makes you cringe, luckily there are a lot of knock-offs out there. The Glitek S Glide, however, is the Toy Insider’s favorite. “It’s a nice beautiful ride and also streams music through Bluetooth so when you’re riding it, you can also listen to your favorite tunes.” Power Wheels are so old school.