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The most popular candies for Easter

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Whether it’s the centerpiece of your Easter table (no judgment) or the well-earned reward inside hidden eggs, it’s just not Easter withoutcandy.

So what’s inside those plastic eggs that we tell kids are laid by the Easter bunny? (And what genius marketer came up with that one?) The online deal finders atRetailMeNothave the answer.

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Whether it’s the siren call of chocolate or because biting off their ears just tastes so satisfying, chocolate bunniesare by far the most popular, with76 percent of Easter candy buyers opting for them. Next are jelly beans, found in67 percent of baskets.

Anddespite Hershey’s ban on imports ofreal U.K.-made Cadbury Creme Eggs to promote its own variety last year,59 percent of us couldn’t resist its siren call.

Last on the list it the lowly Peep, which less than half (45 percent) of candy buyers opted for.

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If you’re trying to time your Easter shopping, RetailMeNot says discounts of about 28 percent are common in the lead-up to the holiday. That deal is only sweetened by 6 percent after the holiday — when you might just be left with rows of deflating Peeps.

Happy Easter!

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