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The Museum of Ice Cream’s Sprinkle Pool lives on at Pint Shop

No more FOMO about the Museum of Ice Cream's Sprinkle Pool — it's back at The Pint Shop!
No more FOMO about the Museum of Ice Cream's Sprinkle Pool — it's back at The Pint Shop!
Courtesy of Museum of Ice Cream

The sweet pastel fantasy world of the Museum of Ice Cream has made dreamers from New York to San Francisco wish every pool were a Sprinkle Pool. Whether you have serious FOMO about not getting a ticket to Summer 2016’s dreamiest pop-up or just want to relive the magic, now you’ve got a second chance.

The Instagram-inspired “museum” has created its own branded ice cream flavors and is back in Manhattan as an equally photogenic “interactive grocery store” called The Pint Shop, opening June 6 at 459 W. 14th St. in Chelsea. No ordinary store, the Pint Shop showcases each flavor with their own color-coded aisles and photo-ready installations like 8-foot-tall ice cream cartons — and the one exhibit we were all hoping would return, that famous Sprinkle Pool! 


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Instead of taking a dip, however, visitors will have to “settle” for swinging over the rainbow-colored waves on the Sprinkle Swing — though there is a cherry-themed ball pit you can jump into.

The flavors were all inspired by Museum of Ice Cream exhibits with seven in total, including Cherrylicious (Maraschino ice cream with sugar cookie pieces), Nana Banana (banana flavored ice cream with salted caramel-almond butter swirl) and, yes, Sprinkle Pool (vanilla with rainbow sprinkles). 

Samples will be available, or you can take a true deep dive into MoIC creator Maryellis Bunn’s ice cream-themed imagination in the Tasting Room. The Pint Shop’s own “interactive classroom for your taste buds” will hold half-hour “sensory experiences” to familiarize you with the elements of ice cream and all the new flavors. Courses are $28 and reservations open May 31 online at museumoficecream.com.

If you want to take ice cream from a passion to a career, too, each Thursday the Pint Shop will hold workshops with Museum of Ice Cream team members and social media influencers on topics like making stop-motion GIFs (aka the currency of the internet) and blending your own custom flavors. These Pint Sessions will be held starting June 14 through July 12 from 7-8 p.m.

And if you’d rather just have the ice cream without dodging selfie-takers, the pints are also available at Target for $4.99 each.

The Pint Shop is located at 459 W. 14th St., open Wednesdays through Mondays from 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

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