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The must-have items to pack in your backpack

Wonder what a woman carries in her backpack? Journeywoman decided to put all those helpful “must-pack-this-in-my-backpack” picks. Some items are oh-so-practical, some are downright quirky and some are so smart that we wished that we’d thought about them first.

• Pack a folding umbrella that has an aluminum spine and handle. This type is more expensive to buy than all the others but it’s so light and compact.

• In hot humid countries, a folding paper fan works wonders when waiting at bus stops or in non-air conditioned vehicles.

• A mini flashlight — the light disposable type is invaluable for destinations where power failures are frequent.

• Always carry emergency toilet paper or a package of tissues. In some parts of the world, it’s either very scarce or too coarse to be usable.

• Hand wipes are perfect when hand-washing facilities aren’t readily available.

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