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The other Murphy

Comedian and actor Charlie Murphy has gotten pretty used to being known as the brother of Eddie Murphy. But it’s finally at this point in his career that he’s comfortable with doing a stand-up comedy show alongside Chris Rock’s brother, Tony Rock. While they’re both brothers of famous movie stars, it’s the experience and talent of each that will make the show work — not the name recognition.

“If five or six years ago, someone had suggested a Charlie Murphy-Tony Rock show, I probably would’ve not wanted to do it because the gimmick angle would’ve been real big,” says Murphy. “It’s a good time to do it, because it’s like, okay, Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock’s brothers — but you’re not going to think about Eddie Murphy or Chris Rock. You’re going to enjoy the show.”

It’s certainly true that Murphy has made a name for himself in many minds from the “Chapelle Show” in addition to many other film and TV roles. He says he’s wanted to work with Tony Rock for a long time, and it’s only now that their schedules worked.

The event also has a sentimental angle, considering Murphy grew up in Roosevelt, Long Island, nearby where this one-night-only show will take place.

“I moved to Long Island from Brooklyn, the ‘hood, right?” he says with a laugh. “From the appearance you would think, okay, you no longer live in the ‘hood, but it was the ‘hood, it just looked different.”

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