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The Razzies predictably honor ‘After Earth’ and ‘Movie 43’ but snub Adam Sandler

Will and Jaden Smith play father and son in Will and Jaden Smith play father and son in “After Earth”
Credit: Columbia Pictures

Has Adam Sandler’s dubious dominance of the Razzies come to an end? While Sandler has earned plenty of dubious honors from the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation — “celebrating” the worst in cinema each year on the night before the Oscars — he went home empty-handed despite his “Grown-Ups 2” being nominated for nine Razzies.

Instead, the top honor went to star-studded sketch-comedy omnibus “Movie 43,” which won Worst Director for its 13 directors and Worst Screenplay for its 19 credited writers. Sandler himself was unseated by Jaden Smith, dubbed Worst Actor for his work alongside dad Will Smith — and Worst Supporting Actor winner — in the sci-fi flop “After Earth.” The father-son duo also earned a trophy for Worst Screen Combo. And Johnny Depp’s disappointing “The Lone Ranger” was named Worst Remake, Rip-off or Sequel, making it the only Oscar-nominated film (for Best Makeup) to win a Razzie this year.

WORST ACTOR: Jaden Smith, “After Earth”
WORST ACTRESS: Tyler Perry (in drag), “A Madea Christmas”
WORST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Will Smith, “After Earth”
WORST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Kim Kardashian, “Tyler Perry’s Temptation”
WORST SCREEN COMBO: Jaden Smith and Will Smith, “After Earth”
WORST DIRECTOR: The 13 people who directed “Movie 43”
WORST SCREENPLAY: The 19 screenwriters of “Movie 43”

Elsewhere in the world of dubious awards, Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby” was deemed the worst offender at the Hackademy Awards, handed out by Breathe California’s Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down! Program, which monitors tobacco use in PG-13 Hollywood films. The 1920s-set “Gatsby” featured 150 instances of on-screen smoking and was considered a particularly strong contender because of it stylish and glamorized setting. Jennifer Lawrence also received a mention for smoking in front of a child in “American Hustle.”

While the organization found that 2013 saw a record low of 38 percent of PG-13 films featured onscreen smoking, overall tobacco use in major motion pictures actually increased to 55 percent, from 51 percent in 2012. “Fast & Furious 6” took the top Hackademy Awards honor for its complete lack of tobacco use on screen.

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