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‘The Realish Housewives’ of Boston

Kirsten Miccoli

We all know the Bravo shows: “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” “Beverly Hills,” “Miami,” and so on, which we love for the shameless plot lines, and oh-no-she-didn’t moments itbrings to the small screen. Now, a new parody titled, “The Realish Housewives” is bringing the dramato a stage near you.

“They’re all big, over-the-top personalities,” says cast member Katie Caussin. “[However,] it’s a little bit more self-aware, to a certain degree, through the dialogue of making fun of the values of those types of women.”

Caussin describes her character, Gwen, as an “opportunistic politician.” She’s just been released from prison and “being on the reality show is how she plans on getting back out into the public eye.”

But Gwen’s storyline isn’t the most dramatic.

“Ravonka is probably the central queen bee character who initiates all the drama,” says Caussin about the wealthy socialite, played by Lori McClain. Ravonka is a little mean and self-absorbed, with an extremely dominant personality. A slight Eastern European accent completes the image. “[She’s] kind of the puppet master,” adds Caussin.

The other leading ladies are Brooke (Lindsey Pearlman), the bossy, self-made entrepreneur who doesn’t tolerate any nonsense, CL (Katy Carolina Collins), the preachy homemaker who believes her family is better than everyone else’sand Desiree (Emjoy Gavino), the entitled neck model who’s always out of the loop.

Throughout the show, all five women talk to, about, and over the others in their effort to get to most stage time. The host, Randy Bowen (Jackson Evans), further stokes their antics.

So what city exactly does “Realish Housewives”take place in?Each show is customized to the performance location, so the characters consistently reference local restaurants, shops, eventsand not to mention,political scandals.

Caussin shares,“There’s [also] one moment in the show where a character interacts with an audience member, and then they’re referenced several times during the show.”

And just like that your reality TV career begins.

If you go
March 29 – April 3
Shubert Theatre
265 Tremont St
Boston, MA 02116
Tickets are available online atciticenter.org

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