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The Republic of elegance

Graceful luxury meets modern charm at The Republic in a space that feels uniquely liveable.

Designer Joy Huynh combined traditional and modern influences to create a model suite that captures a spirit of both elegance and excitement.

“I was going for a contemporary look, something elegant and sophisticated and I wanted to mix traditional pieces with contemporary ones, adding a few pieces which stick out themselves and make the whole space stand out more,” Huynh said.

Details like the chandelier and light above the kitchen island accentuate the modern feel of the space because Huynh chose a polished chrome finish instead of gold and the polished nickel coffee table adds contemporary appeal compared to a more conventional glass or wood table.

With floor-to-ceiling windows flanking the main living area, Huynh offset the brightness with a dichotomy of rich cappuccino and mahogany tones on elements like chairs and drapes to match the flooring and finishes in the cabinetry.

“The living room itself is quite light, long and narrow so I added in those dark pieces because they keep the eye going through the room. The dark drapery also gives a very dramatic look,” Huynh said.

Avoiding bright, flashy tones was a conscious decision for Huynh who instead opted for more subtle, neutral colours throughout the model unit better suited to the target buyer.

“Bright colours attract a different type of client — this suite here is more for an older clientele so I just really wanted to keep things simple and elegant. Simple colours also allow the client to picture something they would like in the suite without being distracted,” Huynh said.

Ultimately, Huynh hopes the look of the model suite feels both attractive and attainable.

“I tried to keep things not too traditional because I really want the client to see the suite as an elegant space but that’s not contrived, something they can really live in,” Huynh said.

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