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The royal wedding heads to television

While they prepare for their walk down the aisle April 29, Prince William and Kate Middleton can rest assured that their romance has earned the Lifetime Television seal of approval, as the U.S. cable channel will be debuting William & Kate, a made-for-TV movie about the royal couple’s courtship, tonight, 11 days before they tie the knot.

William & Kate chronicles the early days of the couple’s long courtship, including their first meetings at the University of St. Andrews and later coping with the intense media scrutiny that comes with dating a member of the royal family. “I love the you no one gets to see but me,” the on-screen version of Middleton gushes to her royal beau.

Finding actors who look anything like the real-life happy couple was apparently too much of a challenge, as stars Camilla Luddington and Nico Evers-Swindell’s similarities to Kate Middleton and Prince William end at their height difference and hair colour — though even here, Evers-Swindell has a bit too much going on, resembling more a ginger version of Twilight star Robert Pattinson than the thinning-haired second-in-line to the British throne.

The actors aren’t the only ones straining to pass themselves off as their British counterparts: The Lifetime movie was filmed entirely in Los Angeles. Scenes at St. Andrews were actually shot on UCLA’s sunny Westwood, Calif., campus, as the university’s grounds were some of the few places in the area that looked “old” enough to pass for the 600-year-old school.

Resemblance issues aside, Luddington and Evers-Swindell certainly aren’t short on enthusiasm. “Lifetime viewers are going to get a great love story,” Luddington says of the movie. “If you’re romantic at heart, you’re going to love it.”

Lifetime is also debuting a six-part documentary, Royal Wedding of a Lifetime, prior to the big nuptials at Westminster Abbey.

Another U.S. cable network, the Hallmark Channel, is also getting in on royal action, with their own film about the couple, William & Kate: a Love Story, that won’t debut until August. Perhaps the longer lead time will allow them to find actors with more of a resemblance to the real William and Kate.

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