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The ‘Search Party’ guide to getting away with literal murder

Search Party Season 2 Episode 1 Review
The gang is all here. And they're all complicit, too! Photo: TBS

Search Party is back! And in the second season, the TBS series gets darker — and more delightful — than before.

Thankfully, it show still manages its fresh (yet painfully familiar) take on self-obsessed millennials. But this time, it’s with a good dosing of murder.

To be clear, we are not condoning murder. Reader, do not do murder! Still, with the first episode of the second season having premiered on Sunday, November 19, we thought it would be a great idea to see just how these oblivious millennials — Dory, Drew, Elliott and Portia — managed to get away with, well, murder. So far, at least. There’s no telling how much longer they’ll be able to keep it together.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting away with murder, with tips and tricks from the Search Party premiere.

First things first. Freak the f—k out.
This one should come naturally. Dory opens the episode with a panic attack that promises she’ll likely suffer PTSD from this incident, forever and always. Drew — king of freak outs — is right there with her. But Elliott has a, dare we say, unnatural calmness about him. What’s that about?

Now, let’s pretend like everything is fine.
That’s right: it’s probably because he’s so busy pretending everything is fine, and acting like nothing has happened. Even if there is a body folded up in the closet, he’s going to take up Chantal’s offer for a dinner out in Montreal, you know?

You deserve a break, so stand by while your friends have a dance party.
It kind of makes sense that Chantal — the very reason the gang is in this mess — is the worst. So of course, as clueless as she is, she’s all about snorting cocaine and having a dance party for her last night of escapism. It’s even less surprising that Dory, Drew and Elliott stand by, incapable of participating. I mean, they literally just killed a guy!

You’ll need supplies to bury the body.
Maybe don’t opt for the zebra print suitcase though. That’s a bad choice on Dory and Drew’s part. 

Back to work: Manipulate everyone around you.
Elliott’s preternatural calm is kind of disturbing, no? That, plus his effortless ability to manipulate Portia, hot French-Canadian Matthieu and Chantal — the latter with the promises of the ol’ Sleeping Beauty (a sedative high kicked off by the aforementioned cocaine) — is extremely worrisome. Surely, though, he won’t be able to keep it up for long. If he does, he might end up being the most sociopathic of the four.

Apologize, a lot.
Dory apologizes to the gang — including Portia, who is feeling left out of the let’s-cover-up-an-accidental-murder plot — for dragging them into finding Chantal and covering up Keith’s murder. Then she remembers Keith had a daughter and realizes that hey, maybe she’s the worst, not Chantal. Even though, again, Chantal is pretty horrible.

Make an even worse decision, if you can help it. 
After an accidental murder, you’re bound to make one, two or several poor decisions. But Dory stealing Keith’s phone is probably the worst decision of all. We’ll see!

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