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The shifting styles of the dirty, sweaty Liars

Liars have a reputation for taking dramatic shifts in style from one album to the next, and their latest offering, “Sisterworld,” doesn’t divert from that predictably unpredictable pattern. Frontman Angus Andrew says they’re also reinventing the idea of the remix album — and personal hygiene.

This new album’s artwork and the music video for “Scissor” seem to be all about being stranded, dirty and sweaty.

That’s just how we are all the time — dirty and sweaty. At [one] point we just left the album behind to take a trip up to Big Sur. The idea was to push ourselves out into a kind of environment we were imagining when making the record, talking about a “Sisterworld.”

“Sisterworld” also has a sister album made up of remixes from Devendra Banhart and Atlas Sound, among others. How did you get the artists involved?

I think maybe the reason why people were willing to be in it was because we were so adamant that there were no restrictions or rules as to how they approached it or what they sent back. They could just send back three minutes of their baby crying, and that would please us just as much as some sort of dance hit.

Was touring with Radiohead influential in your decision to try to re-create the album live?

Yeah, actually. You hit the nail. I was just so surprised to see how they did such a good job at replicating the sounds that were from the record, strange sounds that are hard to re-create.

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