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The ‘smart’ way to sleep

The ‘smart’ way to sleep
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If you’re one for tossing and turning all night long, this new ‘smart’ bed could just have you drifting off into the land of nod. A British startup company has created an interactive bed that contours to your body shape as well as combats backache and snoring partners.

The bed, which can be controlled by a phone, has four key features, including a vibrating massage system, climate control, anti-snoring technology and motion sensors with LED ambient lighting. Joe Katan, Balluga’s founder and CEO, tells us how the Balluga bed can change the way we sleep at night.

Why did you decide to create a smart interactive bed?

I decided to create Balluga after I became disappointed with an expensive mattress I bought. It started to cause me backache after only three years of use, and I realized I couldn’t return it or have it repaired.

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What are the benefits of this device for those who use it?

Balluga beds allow the user to customize every aspect of their sleep and relaxation needs, providing a tailor-made sleep environment that can be readjusted to suit the changes that our bodies go through over time. Balluga beds can stop you or your partner from snoring and can allow you to independently control the temperature and firmness on each side of the bed.

What stage of production are you at?

We have a production system in place with an established high quality manufacturing firm, and we came to Kickstarter for the final funds to take us into production. After hitting our goal in four days, we were then able to confirm these plans and will be delivering the beds in October.

What advantages does Balluga offer over conventional beds?

Balluga beds have many advantages such as an adjustable air cell suspension that will not sag over time, an air climate control system than can heat or cool you in under 30 seconds and a pressure point base vibro-massage system to relax you to sleep or wake you up in the morning. Balluga also has an underside LED courtesy lighting system to help guide you to and from your bed and an anti-snoring system to help you sleep through the night without disturbing your partner.

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How can this smart bed put an end to snoring?

The anti-snoring system will detect when you start snoring with its built-in sensor and by using our air cell unique suspension system. It will automatically elevate and tilt your head until your airway is cleared; all of this is done without waking you.

This smart bed sounds very expensive…

We use advanced technology not found in other beds for Balluga, so it’s difficult to compare the price to current beds on the market. However, Balluga beds also have a 10-year guarantee (subject to wear and tear) which offers superb value for money when compared to existing quality foam and spring mattresses.

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