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The spy who loved mom

Name of Mom: Robin

Kid: Seth, 8

Why he makes a good spy: “Every day when he gets home, he goes on some kind of ‘mission.’ He makes all kinds of spy gear and is always dressing up as agents. He made a keypad out of paper for his door so he could ‘secure’ his room. Since I’m his mom, he gave me a code to punch in so that I can enter.”

Name of Mom: Zoe

Kid: Ezra, age 7

Why he makes a good spy: “He talked his Dad into buying him a toy motion detector alarm that really works. He sets it up all over the house and then lies in wait for me to trigger it. I round the corner at the top of the stairs and trip the laser and whammo — sirens go off. Ezra jumps out from behind the door shouting, ‘Caught you!’”

Name of Mom: Melanie

Kid: Mayla, 5

Why she makes a good spy: “She’s always ‘spying’ on her dad. When he leaves the apartment, she uses her ‘spy glasses’ (sunglasses with mirrors inside) to peek out the door to verify that he has actually left the building. Then she steals one of his everyday items, like a water bottle or gum or Altoids, and adds it to her ‘secret dad stash.’ We had no idea she was doing this! For months, my husband kept on wondering where his stuff was disappearing to.”

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