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The T: If you think it’s crowded now…

Within a decade, the T may see between 100,000 and 367,000 more daily riders, according to a report released today by The Urban Land Institute.

The increase will put pressure on the Red, Orange and Green lines as well as commuter rail lines dependent on South Station; bad news for the MBTA which is already strapped for cash.

The higher traffic will be ushered in with the development of roughly 75,000 new residential units expected to pop up around MBTA stations over the next 20 years. The report also shows that by 2035, about 130,000 new jobs will be located in commercial space near T stations.

State and local leaders have been pushing for a long-term solution to the budget troubles facing the transit system.

State representatives yesterday passed a bill to balance out the MBTA budget. The roughly $50 million bill will now move to the Senate. It must pass before July 1 for riders to avoid service cuts and additional fare hikes.