The top 10 toys of Christmas 2016 – Metro US

The top 10 toys of Christmas 2016

The one person you do not want to disappoint during the holidays is the littlest one in your life. But they can also be the easiest to please. To avoid potential tears, temper tantrums and looks of that call you a failure, we hit up the experts at Toys “R” Us. SpokeswomanCandace Disler helps us win Christmas.

Power Wheels Wild Thing, $279.99

This battery-powered vehicle comes in both pink and orange, with two joystick steering controls that allow riders to shift forward, into reverse, and even spin 360 degrees. “It’s for the adventure seeking kid — boy or girl — and the adults living vicariously through them,” says Disler.

Hatchimals, $69.99

With proper nurturing, these magical creatures hatch right out of their shell and come to life. Kids can raise the animal through three stages — from baby, to toddler, to kid — and watch as they grow up to talk, dance, play games, and even repeat after you in their own voice.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition, $59.99

Perhaps one of the most nostalgic gaming consoles ever, the Nintendo Entertainment System is back in a new miniaturized version. Compatible with the Virtual Console games on the Wii U system, the NES also comes pre-loaded with 30 classic games including The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros. 3, and Mega Man 2.

Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy, $59.99

For the no-mess parents who aren’t ready to commit to an actual pet or dog, Snuggles is the perfect alternative. The fluffy and interactive puppy moves, feels and responds just like a real dog. There’s even an adoption certificate to make Snuggles an official part of your family.

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar, $49.99

“This year we’re definitely seeing that customers, parents and gift givers alike are really maximizing their play value by choosing toys that are both fun, but also offer a learning aspect as well,” says Disler. Furthering the spirit of education, this interactive toy challenges children to configure the critter in any way they choose and watch as different combinations send the toy in different directions.

FurbyConnect, $99.99

Furbyis back and revamped for 2016. The new high-tech furry critter syncs with the FurbyConnect World app, allowing kids to connect with virtual friends, watch videos together, and even raise virtual Furblings. When it’s time for Furbyto go to sleep, all you haveto do is put on the sleep mask and say goodnight.

NERF N-Strike Elite Terrascout Remote Control Drone Blaster, $249.99

“This is every kid who has a sibling’s dream, says Disler.” Unlike the standard hand controlled NERF gun, this new high-tech version allows users to maneuver the remote-control blaster, record their battles, and watch through the LCD screen to view out of sight targets. “I know if I had this as a kid I would havedriven it into my brother’s room, watched it from the controller on my bed and blasted him with these NERF darts,” Disler adds.

Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall, $69.99

This interactive pup walks, talks, spins, and even follows you around like a real puppy. When it’s time for moreadventure, kids can shift the dalmatian into rescue mode to save someone from a fire with the water cannon launcher, or try any other of the pupsmore than 80 interactive missions and tricks.​

Kano Build Your Own Computer Kit , $149.99

With illustrated step-by-step instructions, this kit for those ages sixand up teaches kids how to build a real working computer which they can watch come to life. The series of easy-to-use apps also allows them to make art, musicand code games like Pong and Minecraft, all while learning the fundamental programing languages like Javascript and Python.

SelfieMic Music Set,$17.99

“Selfies are in and it doesn’t really seem like they’re going to be leaving anytime soon,” says Disler. In this new twist on karaoke, kids can attach their phone to the selfie stick to record music videos of their performances, and easily share them with family and friends on social media.