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The ultimate 2015 MTV VMAs drinking game

Miley Cyrus
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The MTV Video Music Awards is happening this Sunday and to spice it up a little, we’ve put together an unofficial drinking game to play while you watch. With Miley Cyrus as the host and Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Tori Kelly, Demi Lovato, Twenty One Pilots, Pharell, A$AP Rocky and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis all performing, there will be plenty of moments where you’ll want to drink anyway, so why not turn it into a game? Follow @Metro_US on Twitter to play along with us during the show Sunday at 9 p.m. Happy drinking!

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Game prep:
Since the VMAs are on a Sunday and you probably have to make it to work the next day, we suggest playing with beer rather than hard liquor. And instead of ripping shots, down an entire pixie stick when the game calls for it.

Take a sip when:

1. Miley sticks her tongue out.

2. Miley starts twerking.

3. Every time the camera pans to Taylor Swift dancing.

Take two sips when:

1. Someone flubs their teleprompter line.

2. Someone trips.

3. There’s a wardrobe malfunction.

Take three sips when:

1. Kanye West declares himself the best musician on the planet.

2. Justin Bieber gets shirtless.

3. Someone gets political when accepting their moonman.

Do a shot/down an entire pixie stick when:

1. Someone makes a One Direction joke.

2. If there’s an “Empire” performance.

3. A “surprise” performer takes the stage.

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