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The ultimate secondary office

Meet the driver
Scott McGillivray is the handsome host of HGTV’s home renovation show, Income Property, in which he helps homeowners transform part of their property into a rental unit. He was previously the project manager on From the Ground Up with Debbie Travis.

What he drives
A 2008 grey 335i BMW

Why the Bimmer?
This is my second one. I really like the car. It’s not too sporty or small, so I can get a couple of tool bags into the trunk. It’s a mid-sized car, so it allows me to fill it with stuff when I need to, but it’s not huge like my pickup truck, so I can get around downtown Toronto easily. I do a lot of commuting around southern Ontario. I scout properties, meet with clients a lot, do estimates, and for those meetings I don’t need my pickup. The Bimmer is like my secondary office.

What features do you love most?
The heated seats are nice in the winter. It’s got all the latest technology, which is helpful. I love the GPS and the Bluetooth phone.

What type of driver are you?
I drive fast, but I don’t like to race. I just hate being in traffic. I’m a big believer in the 407. It should go everywhere. I’d pay five bucks to stay out of traffic jams.

What would we find in your glove compartment today?
I keep my insurance and registration, I have a Ziplock bag with sour candies for my late-night drives home after work. So if I’m really tired, it keeps me awake with a little sugar rush. I have toothpicks because I can’t stand food in my teeth. I have a picture of my wife and I. And I have a protein bar. It’s very clean. I’m pretty meticulous about my vehicle.

Do you have a dream car?
I do like the Audi R8. If money was no object, I’d probably have a lot of cars (laughs). But a really slick R8 in black would be my fun, pricey car.

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