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The umbrella that takes the weather with you

The umbrella that takes the weather with you
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You’ll agree that umbrellas are too often forgotten at home when they are most needed. Well, thankfully a French company called Wezzoo is developing Oombrella, a smart connected umbrella that alerts you before it rains and sends you a notification if you leave it behind.

The chip located in the handle sends data such as the temperature, light, humidity and air pressure to the Oombrella mobile app, so that users can receive weather notifications before the rain even starts. Clément Guillot, CEO and co-founder of Wezzoo, explains how the umbrella keeps the rain away.

What led you to develop the Oombrella?

What led us to Oombrella is both a personal need and a company need. Personal because almost every member in the team lost one or several umbrellas, so we needed a service that would prevent us from forgetting them. Professional because the mother company of Oombrella, Wezzoo, is an editor of a real-time weather platform and an app. We needed more hyper-local content, which we can get via the Oombrella.

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What’s the main point of it?

The main point of it is that it is linked seamlessly with your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing our system to collect data on the go and send the notifications to your smartphone when you need them.

How does Oombrella work?

The chip,located in the handle,is connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth. It sends data via the sensors every time you use it. The data includes, temperature, light, humidity and air pressure, which is then sent to our platform.

Tell us more about the notification services of Oombrella.

There are two notification services.The first one alerts you before it rains by sending you a notification inviting you to take Oombrella with you. The second notification alerts you to warn you that you’re about to leave your umbrella behind.

Does Oombrella have any special design features?

The screw thread fitted to the top of Oombrella allows you to screw anything in: a camera, a smartphone, a GoPro…

– By Daniel Casillas