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The Walkmen go on ‘extreme hiatus’ giving indie fans ‘extreme’ bummer

The Walkmen The Walkmen play what may be their last show at Union Transfer in Philly on Dec. 4.
The Walkmen have called it a day. Multiple outlets have reported on this, and we suggest the AV Club’s coverage if you’re looking for the actual story about all of the drama, though — as many outlets are reporting — there wasn’t any real drama.

This is sad news for us over here at Metro. And this is where I get a little bit personal, people. Yup, I’m using the first-person voice here.

I began working here eight years ago, shortly before the band released their third album, “A Hundred Miles Off.” And over the years I interviewed them each time they released an album, eager to speak to the members [singer Hamilton Leithauser, bassist/organist Walter Martin, organist/bassist Peter Bauer (they switched off), guitarist and pianist Paul Maroon or drummer Matt Barrick] about their growth and how they continued to challenge themselves artistically. In one missive I referred to them as “the best contemporary American band” and had they stayed together and not decided to go on what they’re calling “extreme hiatus,” I would likely stick by this hyperbole, dammit! But when we would connect the band members were always game for anything, whether it be speaking openly about their craft or participating in multiple podcast segments (check those out by clicking here. The Walkmen segments are on the Sept. 2009, Aug. 2011 and June 2012 editions). We’re bummed that the last chance to see them will be Wednesday night at Union Transfer in Philly.

Here is a look back at a couple of our favorite Walkmen stories from our print archives.

I wrote this story for Metro as a freelancer in 2006, when “A Hundred Miles Off” was slated to be called “All Hands and the Cook.”

This story was published in 2009 as the band were working on their “Lisbon” album.

This interview is from 2012’s “Heaven” album, which ended up being their swan-song.

Below is when they were between “A Hundred Miles Off,” and “You & Me,” published in Metro in April 2007. Leithauser was bemoaning the fact that he had been jailed the night before. Click here to view full-size.

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